The curtain opens.

You can feel stimulant endorphins all around your body. Luckily, the soft red seat is able to hold you. Nuria Espert comes to scene. The theatre is alive, real, and you can feel it. Something has changed inside you, there is no doubt, the soul exists.

We have plenty of reasons

It is maybe because of the influence of new technologies, or maybe not, but the overall perception of this artistic business is outdated. From here, we call on to the resistance, let’s do not allow that the humanity’s quintessential perfor

The right moment might come when you realise that the pleasure of cuddling in the sofa, watching the last show launched by your favourite contentmance art fall into oblivion. The theatre is the greatest emotional therapy. on demand platform, is an already depleted plan. This is a good sign to head up to your wardrobe, pick your best clothes, a discrete and elegant hand bag, and go discover what is on the theatre’s billboard.

You cannot help it. You will end up getting seduced by the spontaneity that characterizes the theatre. Your feelings will arise, you will not be able to hold your tears and you will find it impossible not to laugh. The atmosphere, the mood, the acting and even the silences are the ones that will ensure you an experience that no high definition screens will be able to give you.

You know that feeling, don’t you? Get prepared. At the end of the last act it will be up to you to play the role of the protagonist.

Our proposal inspired in a theatre night

The model Layla has become our favourite pick to shine. Its glitter versions, with animal print textures, will take care of the flyers of every show you go to.

Take a sit. Let the show begin!


  1. Noemia · martes febrero 27th, 2018 Reply

    Me encanta el Layla!!

    • Azzule · martes abril 24th, 2018 Reply

      Muchas gracias Noemia. Es una pieza hecha para convertirse en un icono. ¿Has visto nuestra nueva colección? Un saludo.

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