Valentine’s is coming: love in postmodernity

The lack of warmth, commitment, the frantic rythm of a society in constant movement… The fragility of human bonds in the postmodern era submits us ti a quite pesimistic vision of relationships. It seems that there’s not much time left for couple dances.


Emulating the great thinker Zygmunt Bauman, we live in a never ending state of emergency. In Azzule, we want to turn this vision upside down and make the most of this world of changes. In some way, we support a modern lifestyle, surrounded by risks. We focus our connections and relatinships in the most absolute and rewarding sensation of feeling free. Just like in love.


It’s also true, apparently, that romantic feelings fragilely coexist between two virtual realities, between spam and the delete button. But, what if we look into the possitive things? Now, we are able to make things last forever, or not to. We can play with the ‘together forever’, or just focus on the ephemeral. Maybe, Cupid, feels now freer tan ever.


In Azzule, we head to those who are looking for a gift for their favourite people. We are optimistic about love. With no preconceptions. Our advice is not to wait and use any time of the year to surprise that person. Though, if you’ve fallen into the utopy of St Valentine’s day, we invite you to value our proposals by clicking on this image. Let’s have our first date.

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