Our homage to all the mothers of the World.

We owe so much to our mothers… If you think about it, they are the cause, and the consequence too, of the beginning of everything. They are, essentially, the active agent that allows us to be here. If there is someone who deserves a special homage, that is them.

Today we want to recognize the merit to every mother in the World and let them know how we appreciate them.
We would also like to make special mention to all those women who, having children or not, have contributed to the World with so much dedication that are, now, considered mothers of science. We make emphasis in their generosity, as many of them celebrated her achievements in the intimacy of an intellectual exile. Their successes and brilliant minds, without recognitions, are now part of our heritage. We invite you to discover the lives of women such as:

  • Valentina Tereshkova. The first woman astronaut, known with the surname of “Seagull” and that in 1963 orbited 48 time around the Earth.
  • Katherine Jonhson. One of the Afroamerican who, from the shadows and in a time where racial discrimination was legal in the US, gave life to many of the mathematical calculations that took Armstrong to the Moon.
  • Janes Goodball. Apes researcher that, with her studies in Tanzania in the middle of the 20th century, has inspired the world of biology.
  • Sophie Germain. Clandestine maths student that, working with a pseudonym, made major contributions to the Theory of Numbers.

Cheers to all the mothers of the World.

*We would like to make special mention to Iris, one of our clients. Today’s post image is illustrated by a drawing made by her daughter Astrid with one of our bags. Thank you very much for the detail.

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