Our Belt Bag Revolution.

Tie me a lot.

Belt bags have been collecting glances since the final days of the 90s.

Since then, they’ve been relegated to a more brutalist style. At full maturity of the millennium, we’ve had to recognize its contribution to our lives. Their moment has arrived and, those who continue proving to be reticent, will end carrying them on their waists.

Without any intention to convince you, the truth is that this accessory has renovated so much, that there’s actually no need to bring up the past. The resurgence of the belt bags comes with a declaration of intent. They claim the liberalisation of our hands. With a peaceful character, this revolt has no enemies, the coexistence with the clutch is now possible.


azzule belt bags



Camden Town, last year, a walk through the unique shops that make this quarter. It was getting in any establishment and going out with so many bags that we could barely fit the narrow corridors. As a fellow traveller a long strap shoulder bag, falling from the shoulder every time we had to avoid groups of unaware tourists. It was a real show trying to get it on its place again. The answer? Wearing it crossed. At the beginning it just only meant a fashion sacrifice, until the straps started to pull down on the chest.

A return to the belt bags was necessary. They’re unstoppable, and ready to change the way how we take the streets. We’re ready to welcome them with open arms. And you, will you offer resistance? Maybe someday son you find it impossible to find a chair in the terrace where you’re enjoying a good cup of coffee in the best company. And then, and just then, you find out that a belt bag was never a bad option. Discover our models.

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