Azzule presents it’s Be Wild Collection.

Passion. To do what we love, makes us better. We like to follow our goals and we feel free at the same time. We don’t domesticate our ideas, we let them express by themselves.

From this wild concept is born our new leather accessories collection: Be Wild. A series of luxury purses with an indomitable spirit and sophisticated textures. Our boldest version comes to life with a collection that talks about animal instincts.

The wild print aesthetic has make its way into the fashion world, coming out in such a way, that it is already considered a basic need. With this capsule collection we transport ourselves to a scenario of textures and latest trend prints. We dedicate it to that urban souls tired of the obvious.

Bolso de mano zebra Azzule


Everything stays in the family. Made in Spain.

Hand bags, belt bags, bags, premium cases… Simple lines and unthinkable mixes of prints get overlapped in a purist and pragmatical concept of handmade stitches.

Willing to preserve the made in Spain fashion, we rediscover our most instinctive nature on every piece. We got carried away, recovering our animal version and rescuing the traditional craftsmanship of our country.

Therefore, our inspiration results in a new collection of chameleonic complements specially designed to last.


Belt bag Azzule


Azzule’s Be Wild and the womens universe.

We propose versatile designs capable of lasting in the time. Azzule’s Be Wild represents the wish of every woman of having a purse for every occasion. But for ever.

We were inspired in feminine figure in constantly move, capable of defying the urban galaxy that surrounds them. That walk through the city in a flashing way. It’s the golden age for cosmopolitan woman. We are heading to those who keep an eye on their look, not as an obligation, but for pleasure. That fight to get to the top, to the very top.

Mochila piel Azulle



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